How I Started Photography And Why I Love It!

Hey, hey, hey! Fina here!

In today's blog, I'll take you through the steps that led me to pick up a camera and enter my world of photography adventures.

My Family, My Inspiration

My passion for photography started with loving my kiddos and wanting something to remember their special moments as they grew up. I would set up my homemade backdrops from blankets and sheets, and props were whatever each child loved the most. One of my daughters loved stuffed animals, so we gathered all her stuffed animals and used them as props.

My husband, Jason, bought me my first camera. It was a film camera. I'd take photos and hope they came out well! We'd develop them and be so excited to see the ones that actually turned out.

He later bought me my first digital camera because, as he says, we were spending so much on developing film. He said he saw how much I loved it and thought I was good at it. He has always continued to encourage me with gifts of equipment to help me continue to grow my skills. And as a special birthday surprise, he had my new website designed and launched this week!

The launch of my photography website is a significant milestone in my journey. It's a platform to showcase my work and connect with a broader audience. I'm glad you are here, and I'm excited to share my portfolio, blogs, and photography tips with fellow enthusiasts. It's a new chapter in my adventure, and I can't wait to see where it leads.

How I Continue to Grow

I have taken photography classes and workshops, read books, and learned much from online videos and other photographers.

My favorite way I learned is from my wonderful and adventurous photography friends. We started out scouting locations together, and now we have adventure days where we do anything from dress in costumes and photograph each other to editing days where we all bring our devices to edit and chit-chat over lunch. We've also sent each other our photos so we can review & give each other critiques or suggestions, but the best part is they are all so talented, encouraging, and supportive to push me to be the best photographer I can be.

From photographing my kiddos, family, and friends, people started asking me to take their photos, and once they shared theirs, their family and friends would call, too. As my kids got older, their friends' families also asked about photos, and it just took off from there.

What I Do

I have taken family, senior, engagement, events, couples, and maternity portraits. While I have done a couple of small weddings, those were on special request and are not my specialty. I've even done some product photography, taking photos of food for restaurants and sportswear for a retail business. I've also done some corporate photography, including real estate images and headshots.

Photography is a constantly evolving field. With every new shoot, I learn something new. Whether it's a new technique, a different approach to composition, or a fresh editing style, I keep growing as a photographer. This continuous learning journey keeps my passion alive and ensures that every project is a chance to improve my skills and offer even better results to my clients.

Why I Love It

I appreciate the small details and finding beauty in unexpected places, and I love that through photography, I can express myself and share that beauty with others. What started as a simple desire to capture my loved ones has evolved into a passion, a hobby, and a career path.

So, as you can see, my photography journey has been a colorful and rewarding one. It all began with a mother's desire to capture precious moments of her children's lives. Over the years, I've honed my skills, expanded my horizons, and found a deep passion for photography. But why do I love it so much?

Photography allows me to freeze moments in time. I can capture the fleeting expressions on my children's faces, the warmth of a family gathering, and the love shared between couples. Every click of the shutter is a little time capsule that I can revisit anytime I want. It's like having a superpower to stop time, even if just for a moment.

My encouragement for today is to pursue the things that make you happy! You never know where that talent and joy will take you, and what a blessing it can be to you and others around you!

Adventure With Me!

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